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Tom Mackey Real Estate Services

Tom Mackey Real Estate Services LLC was established as an independent property management and real estate services company in 1978.  From its beginnings Tom Mackey has grown the company for managing just a few single family homes for friends to over 400 properties to include the commercial, single family, multi-family, condominium, and homeowners association categories of real estate management and leasing. 

Over the 34 years of its existence, the property management company has been closely tied to the standards of practice of the National Association of Realtors in its application of real estate management services.  Having been exposed to the real estate industry since childhood, Tom Mackey has " gown up " in the business.  From handy-work to accepted accounting practices, Tom Mackey Real Estate Services has been able to apply its professional background and training to the every day needs of real estate that sometimes require more than "book knowledge". 

Tom Mackey Real Estate Services is responsible for the daily operations of investment real estate for owners who are looking for an easier way to make decisions and analyze the many different aspects of their property.  The company takes the reigns in scheduling repairs, rents, and the proper credit or references reviewed in accepting potential tenants or vendors.  During this relationship, the owner is kept in contact with monthly reporting and additional information required for him to have an active hand in operating his investment real estate.  Those who choose Tom Mackey Real Estate Services for either the leasing, management or sale of their assets find our services to be exemplary in helping them achieve their goals. 

It is the goal and mission of TMRE to provide for the well being of the real estate and its value.  At times this is a difficult mission, given the costs sometimes associated with increased value.  It has been proven, however, that property properly overseen and maintained tends to either gain value or increase its competitive edge in its appreciation compared to other properties.  Tom Mackey Real Estate Services is dedicated to providing the best real estate services available to preserve real property and the wealth it can generate.
Property Management
Leasing your own residential or commercial property can seem overwhelming at times or even be a true nightmare in some cases.  Trying to collect rent, screening potential tenants, scheduling unforeseen maintenance are just a few of many headaches that can make a property owner throw their hands in the air.  With over 34 years of experience in residential and commercial property management we know what it takes to make those headaches go away.  With our full line of services we take day to day task out of the hands of the individual owner, leaving them free to enjoy not only their investment, but also their time.  Most individuals who invest their money don't handle the day to day maintenance and operations of their financial investment. So why would you try and do the same thing with your real estate investment?  Tom Mackey Real Estate has proven time and again that our commitment to protecting owner investments, as well as our forward thinking approach to maximizing owner earnings, makes us the best property management company in the Greater Baton Rouge area.
Transitioning Renters to Owners!
Owning your first home can sometimes seem out of reach.  Sometimes just trying to keep up with the ever changing Lending requirements and Real Estate Cost is an impossible task for someone who has never tried to purchase a home before.  Based on this need and our concern for our family of tenants we have developed our Tenant to Owner Program.  Anyone wishing to transition from renter to home owner just needs to give us a call.  Our program is designed to educate the first time home buyer as well as develop and put into place a plan for them to qualify and purchase their first home.  Ashley Mackey not only gives you the tools you need  to do this, but she walks you through every step of the home buying process until you have your keys in your hand.  Call today and let us put you in your first home.   
Commercial Property Management and Sales
Tom Mackey has proven for over 34 years that his knowledge of the local market and his commitment to finding quality tenants makes him the best in the Commercial Property Management.  Our full service accounting, rental collection, maintenance, and advertising services are just a few of the things that we offer our commercial property owners.  Call us today and speak directly with Tom to get your commercial investment off on the right foot.